European Travel Diaries: Budapest

Whoa, long time no see! I truly apologize for going MIA with the blog; I have been so busy with the start of the new semester. But honestly, it feels good to be writing again! I have lots of catching up to do and I hope to have these summer travel posts AND my Study Abroad posts up by the END OF SEPTEMBER!!

It is time for another European Travel Diary and today’s destination is Budapest! If you’d like to see my last travel diary, here’s Vienna.

Day 1

We arrived later in the day to Budapest and stayed at the ibis Styles hotel. This hotel was pretty…interesting in their decor. It’s inspired by video games! It was very different than anything I have stayed in before and would be fun for families.  However, I felt this room was the smallest room we stayed in during the whole tour.

The rest of our night was free, so I searched for some restaurants. We walked 20 minutes to this restaurant, because the inside was decorated like a traditional Hungarian home. The meals were very tasty and the service was great.

from their website

Day 2

Breakfast in the morning was pretty standard, nothing really special. Sausages, eggs, oatmeal and coffee for me! Even the dining area and lobby are fun and bright.

from their website

We had a guided tour through Budapest city center, where we learned more about these monuments and the history of the city. We walked during some parts of the tour and other times we were on the coach bus. 

Including Fishermen’s Bastion, featured below. A top tourist spot and absolutely stunning! I wished we could have seen the inside but our group just toured through the outside grounds.

We were dropped off here and continued on with a walking tour. The next sight was Matthias Church, so grand and beautiful!

There was a lookout point where you could see across the river and all the way down the river. It was such a nice view from above! Here’s the parliament building.

Upon returning to the city center, I went on a search for chicken paprikash, a typical Hungarian dish. We found a restaurant serving it and decided to dine outside, like a true European local. That was definitely one of my favorite things about Europe–they love to dine al fresco!

After eating, we returned to the hotel and decided to find a laundromat. It was easily accessible from our hotel, just a short walk! While waiting for the laundry, we explored the streets around our hotel and eventually stepped into the New York Cafe. My goodness, it really is the “Most Beautiful Cafe in the World”! Even their website is so pretty! This was during the late afternoon and the line was out the door. We had some lattes and my mom tried their “Rákóczi” style cottage cheese cake. It was definitely a place for Instagram photos, too! There was live classical music as well. Truly memorable!

Later that night, there was an optional dinner cruise; but all of our tour group attended! Budapest at night is stunning…and of course, my camera died as soon as we got on the cruise…This shot is from an iPhone.

That was Budapest and it is now onto the next and final stop, Salzburg!

See you soon,



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