Ways to Give Back This Christmas

As a blogger, I have seen my Instagram stories filled with gift guide after gift guide. Since I’m not really the best at finding gifts for people, I thought my holiday themed post would be centered around something I am more passionate about. I know that Christmas is only a few days away, but it’s never too late! Here’s a few ways to give back this holiday season!

1. Give Back Box

With most people shopping online, what can you do with all those shipping boxes? Stuff them with any household items, such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry and give them a new life to someone in need! Liquids and anything fragile should be avoided. Give Back Box partners with different charities and you can actually select the one you want your box to be sent to! Each charity may want select items, so be sure to check the website. There’s even a charity that accepts used pet toys and items!

Here’s a video on how it works!

Some retailers have partnered with Give Back Box, but you can also simply use any cardboard box you have and print a shipping label. You do have to pay ($15) to get the label,  unless you shopped with a retail partner. Amazon and Nordstrom are examples of their retail partners. I’m definitely using Amazon for many of my gifts, so I’m glad we can reuse their boxes!

2. Operation Christmas Child Virtual Shoebox

Unfortunately, the time has passed to ship off your own shoebox, BUT you can build your own shoebox online right now! You build your box for a boy or girl, choose the age between 2-14, and then choose all the gifts inside! After, you may include a personal note or picture. The suggested donation is about $25 for the box. It’s very easy and quick to build your box, and building it virtually rather than sorting through individual boxes are actually easier for the customs process.

operation Christmas child

3. Be an Elf

This has to be one of my favorite ways to give back, because you get to write back to children that have written letters to Santa! It’s all on you, there isn’t a “middle-man”, as the website states. You can simply visit a USPS or there’s a new digital database of actual letters that children have written! If your city is not participating, here’s other ways to be an elf

How cute is this sample letter!

4. Volunteer

Lastly, you can always search for volunteer opportunities in your area! As you spend time with your family, remember the ones that are spending Christmas in the hospital or in a retirement community that may not have family visiting them and need your help to feel the warmth of the holiday season. Call your local hospitals, retirement homes, soup kitchens, and orphanages for volunteering opportunities. 

I really enjoyed finding these ways to give back and feel inspired to take action. I absolutely love the Christmas season and want to share that with someone in need. Let me know what you might try to spread the joy! 

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